About tickets

All concerts during RMC Afgangsfestival 2020 are only for audiences who have reserved a seat in advance.
9. Aug 2020

When you arrive at RMC your reservation(s) will be redeemed for tickets, which must be handed in at the entrance to the concert halls.

The tickets will be handed out to you at the ticket stand at the main entrance to Rytmisk Musikkonservatorium (RMC), Leo Mathisens Vej 1.

The ticket stand is open 16:00-21:00 every day during the festival. Please arrive early, as queues at the ticket stand must be expected.

We can unfortunately only hand out tickets for the current concert day at the ticket stand, even though you might have reserved seats for different concert days during the festival.

Are you a student or employee at RMC? Check your RMC-email for alternative option to get your tickets.

Please note: All concerts during RMC Afgangsfestival 2020 are only for audiences who have reserved a seat in advance.

  • It is NOT possible for audience to enter the concert halls without a ticket.
  • Free seats at the start of a concert are NOT released to other spectators.
  • The tickets themselves are not personal and may be passed on after they are handed out.


Precautions during RMC Afgangsfestival 2020.

  • Help us remind each other to keep a distance and show consideration, as well as to pay attention to signage and markings.
  • The canteen is open during the festival selling beer, sodas, water and sandwiches until the last concert starts.
  • During the festival, the canteen and the courtyard are walk-through areas and not for hanging out.
  • Instead, head out to the lawns by the water behind RMC to meet up, have a concert break and celebrate our graduation students.

Reserver din plads

Alle koncerter til RMC Afgangsfestival 2020 er kun for publikum, der har reserveret et sæde på forhånd: Klik her for at reservere

Flere afgangs-koncerter?


Afviklingen af RMC Afgangsfestival 2020 vil ske under særlige og kontrollerede forhold efter sundhedsmyndighedernes retningslinjer i koncertsale, publikumsarealer og udeområder.


Det betyder blandt andet, at alle koncerter er for et siddende publikum, og at kapaciteten i salene er begrænset for at sikre den fornødne afstand.