Language Policy


RMC’s language policy is based on pragmatic parallel language use, which means that while the general language of instruction is Danish, teachers will provide teaching in English to individual students or small groups as necessary. The language policy ensures that international students are able to follow and complete their studies at RMC in English.

The Conservatory also provides teaching in English in selected courses. The course plan will state the language of instruction.

The Advanced Postgraduate Diploma programme, the EUJAM and NOCOM joint study programmes are all provided in English.

International students with a mother tongue other than Danish may choose to take their examinations or write their assignments in another Scandinavian language or in English.

All diplomas and written statements are issued in both Danish and English.


All important information and guidance will be made available in both Danish and English, regardless of the form of communication.

In cases where the information is not available in an English version, it will be the responsibility of the student or teacher to seek out the necessary information. The RMC administration will always be willing to provide information and assistance.


All international students (from non-Scandinavian countries) are expected to be able to speak and understand English at a level that will enable them to complete the programme with a satisfactory result.

International students are encouraged to learn Danish to a level that supports both their ability to follow teaching in Danish and to take part in RMC’s social activities. The Conservatory can refer the student to relevant language courses.


Entrance examinations are normally held in Danish, but can be held in English if the applicant does not speak or understand Danish.

Entrance examinations for the EUJAM programme are always held in English. Entrance examinations for the Postgraduate programmes are normally held in English.

Read RMC’s language policy in its entirety