International cooperation

RMC pursues the strategic goal of enhancing the quality of the Conservatory’s study programmes. The strategy is designed to ensure that the Conservatory’s efforts in this area support its vision, overall strategy and needs. The strategy also aims to ensure that the Conservatory’s internationalisation efforts can be evaluated on the basis of clear objectives.

The following section highlights key areas of RMC’s international work.

Joint Study programmes

RMC participates in two international joiunt study programmes: European Jazz Master and Nordic Master: The Composing Musician

European Jazz Master 

European Jazz Master (EUJAM) is a Master’s programme for young elite jazz musicians and composers, and is operated jointly by Jazz-Institut Berlin, Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse de Paris, the jazz programme of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, and RMC.

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Nordic Master: The Composing Musician 

Nordic Master: The Composing Musician (NoCom) is a Master’s programme with the focus on composition, jointly operated by the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo, the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, and RMC.

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Erasmus+ is the new EU framework programme for the period 2014-2020 for internationalisation activities in institutions of higher education. RMC’s activities within the Erasmus+ programme are in allignment with the RMC Erasmus Policy Statement (EPS), which describes the conservatory’s strategies for Erasmus cooperation.

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Nordplus is the Nordic Council of Ministers’ programme for network based cooperation within higher education. RMC collaborates with the other Nordic/Baltic music academies through NordplusMusic, and through two institutional networks: NORDPULS – Jazz and Pop Music Network and NNME – Nordic Network for Music Education.

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NordplusMusic is a cooperation between institutions of higher music education in the Nordic and Baltic countries, including 40 music academies, universities, colleges and universities of applied sciences. The aim of NordplusMusic is to coordinate the member institutions' joint activities within internationalisation such as mobility, curriculum development, funding and strategic development.

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NORDPULS – Jazz and Pop Music Network

NORDPULS (Northern Pulse) is a network for institutions of higher education that offer programmes in pop, jazz and related genres. The purpose of NORDPULS is to enhance the educational standard of the programmes through the exchange of students and teachers, curriculum development, cooperative projects and general information sharing.

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NNME – Nordic Network for Music Education

The Nordic Network for Music Education is a network for institutions of higher education involved in the training of music teachers. The purpose of the network is to encourage reflection and discussion on the training of music teachers, and thereby contribute to the development of their education.

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Association of Nordic Music Academies

The Association of Nordic Music Academies (ANMA) is a forum for cooperation between academies of music in the Nordic and Baltic countries. ANMA works to promote the development of the programmes of higher education in music.

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Association of European Conservatories

The Association of European Conservatories (AEC) is a European organisation for musical culture and education. Its members include more than 280 academies of music in 55 countries. The AEC aims to promote and encourage international cooperation among its member institutions and implement a number of international projects on the basis of professional programmes of higher education in music. The association organises an annual convention and other meetings among its members, and represents the interests of the music education sector at national, European and international level. RMC is an active partner in the work of the AEC, both in the organisation and implementation of meetings and activities, and as a driving force for initiatives in contemporary music education, maily within the framework of the AEC Pop Jazz Platform..

AEC Pop Jazz Platform

The objective of the AEC Pop Jazz Platform (AEC PJP) is to strengthen and enhance educational programmes and teaching in pop, jazz and related genres at the European academies of music. The platform has three overall goals: to collect and disseminate information on pop/jazz programmes at the participating institutions, to support exchanges of students and teachers from the participating institutions, and to initiate seminars and projects, etc., for the participating institutions. The platform’s main activity is the annual meeting for its member institutions. Any institution that is a member of the AEC may participate in the meetings and other work of the platform.

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International Association of Schools of Jazz

The International Association of Schools of Jazz (IASJ) aims to promote cooperation between jazz schools all over the world. To this end, it operates a network of jazz schools in order to encourage the exchange of teachers, students, ideas and teaching materials, publishes a newsletter and provides services for member institutions, and organises an annual meeting of member institutions, teachers and students. RMC’s students and teachers regularly participate in IASJ meetings.

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Erasmus info

Deadline for exchange applications: 

1 March


Autumn semester:

17/08/2020 - 22/01/2021


Spring semester:

01/02/2021 - 18/06/2021


Erasmus ID: DK KOBENHA39

PIC code: 949657743

ECHE: 219468-LA-1-2014-1-DK-E4AKA1-ECHE


European Policy Statement 2014-2020


Erasmus Charter 2014-2020 (pdf)

International Coordinator

Morten Tandrup

+45 4188 2510