Since 1996, RMC has been based in the Holmen district of Copenhagen, in a building originally erected by a coppersmith in 1884. With newly-renovated practice and teaching rooms, recording studios, concert halls, a lounge and canteen, the building provides the ideal setting for an educational institution that is open to students and teachers all day, all week and all year.

Practice rooms

RMC has a total of 34 practice rooms, divided into nine small practice rooms with space for one or two musicians, and 25 large practice rooms for larger groups. There are also three small rooms and one large room reserved for the Conservatory’s songwriters. 21 of the larger practice rooms were renovated in January 2014, and comprise combined rehearsal and production facilities with their own recording equipment. Two of the rooms also have separate recording areas. All of the practice rooms are equipped with either a grand piano or upright piano, and the larger practice rooms also have drum kits and a few amplifiers. Other equipment may be borrowed from the Conservatory’s lending department.

Concert halls

RMC has two concert halls at its disposal. RMC’s large concert hall, known simply as the Concert Hall, has seating for 330 persons on the parterre level and balcony, and is located in immediate connection with the Conservatory’s largest recording studio, the A studio. Many of the Conservatory’s larger events are held in the Concert Hall, including annual celebrations and symposia, seminars, conferences, etc. RMC’s small concert hall, known as the Aquarium because of its location, with large windows overlooking the Copenhagen Canal, and has seating for 100 persons. It, too, is associated with a recording studio, the Ø studio. The Aquarium is the venue for regular concerts by students, teachers and guest musicians from Denmark and abroad.

Recording Studios

RMC has six recording studios at its disposal, the A, B, C, E, U1 and U2 studios, for recording and digital post-processing of music.

The A studio is a professional recording studio with a control room and three separate recording rooms. The studio is directly linked to the Conservatory’s concert hall and is suitable for live recordings.

The B studio is an editing suite, where work can be done on surround productions, and the productions made ​​in the A, C, U1, U2 and E studios can be mixed. The studio does not have a separate recording room, but is linked to both the A and C studios, and hence also to the Concert Hall.

The C studio is a small but well-equipped studio with a control room and an adjacent recording room with links to both the A and B studios.

The Ø studio is a project studio that is linked to an adjacent recording room and the Conservatory’s small concert hall, the Aquarium.

The U1 and U2 studios are located in connection with two of the Conservatory’s larger teaching rooms, which allows for the possibility of making professional recordings in adjoining rooms. All 19 teaching and practice rooms in the Conservatory’s U building also contain complete and brand-new recording systems, installed in January 2014.

The recording studios may be used by all of the Conservatory’s students and staff – though for the A, B and C studios, this must be done in collaboration with students in the Sound Engineering programme.


The Conservatory’s Lounge is a pleasant room, equipped with both computers for work and sofas for relaxation before, between and after classes. The lounge has been recently renovated in January 2014, and now contains workplaces especially designed for Music Management students.


RMC’s canteen is open for the sale of food and beverages from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.00 am and 2.00 pm. The canteen was renovated in January 2014, and even offers a small stage, where so-called lunchtime concerts are frequently held. This gives the Conservatory’s students an opportunity to present new material to their fellow students in informal and pleasant surroundings. The canteen is run by Fazer Food Services.

Technical Service unit / lending

RMC’s lending department has a number of instruments, microphones and other equipment at its disposal, which may be borrowed. The instruments are only loaned for use in the Conservatory.

Floor plans